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I’ve been up way too long this weekend! Anyways, enjoy the release, don’t have much to say about this one. SYD speaks for itself.



xdcc coming soon (Where soon is when I wake up and post the # here that is subject to change, drop by the irc channel and it will likely be there before I am awake.)

480p possibly coming soon, but depends on encoder and if we decide we want to catch up on sleep or not.



Asobi ni Iku Yo Episode 3!

Posted: July 25, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, Asobi ni iku yo!
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First things first, shit happened and we only have a 480p version right now. it is an MKV, I’m not sure if it will meet the needs of the people who want xvid or not, if you can please try it and give me feedback, let me know. 720P will be comming up asap. Original raws did not look good in 720p at all, so I made a 480p version to get this thing out the door. No karaoke FX on the 480p version. Would have been out hours ago but programs decided to be unfriendly. And today, for your viewing pleasure, there are two release pictures ūüôā

Pretty sure I almost shat bricks when I saw the appearance of the Kampfer characters.

480p Torrent

480p DDL

480p MU DDL

480p XDCC: /MSG Makoto-chan XDCC SEND 17

720p Torrent Now up!

720p DDL Now up!


Hello True Believers!!!

Posted: July 24, 2010 by wildcatpilot in Fun, Random

While us at Team Zebraman have been enjoying ourselves this past week, we held a summit yesterday. Besides the usual conclusions of kicking a**, pwning noobs, watching anime, and “Striping Evil!” We felt it was our duty to bring a little fun to our audience and let them know what we’ve been up to this past week, and let ‘cha in a few gems.

First there is OSU! that most of the staff has been keeping themselves busy with:

And there’s this site for those of you who prefer typing XD

And to round-up this post a Miku song,



So here’s SYD episode 3. I thought this episode was hilarious, and so did the staff we hope you enjoy it. ¬†Anyways, for the bot in our irc channel, Trellmor is constantly uploading new releases to it so the numbers for SYD constantly change. It will be easier if you are looking for XDCC to go into our IRC channel and type in !find seitokai yakuindomo 03 or even just !find seitokai yakuindomo in general, so I will not be posting the pack number as it is likely to not be reliable at all a day or two after release.

Xvid versions of our releases will likely happen after running some tests and etc with different formats, however they are completely up to our encoder for when they will be released.



XDCC: !list seitokai yakuindomo 03


Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode 2!

Posted: July 18, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, Asobi ni iku yo!
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First off, I would like to announce that we now have been granted access to a much better DDL service, and assistance in seeding our torrents thanks to the people at MATV! (MaikuAndo.TV) This is a great help and we are pleased to have received this offer. SYD 3 will be done sometime in the next day or so, probably.

Now on to the release. We are¬†surprised¬†at how CRAZY this show is. Definitely the biggest¬†surprise¬†of the season. ¬†Anyways, enjoy the release, and as always feedback is welcome. A small note about the episode, pretty early in the episode, at about 32 seconds or something, “trekkie” is said, at first we were confused about what the hell to translate it as, but later on trekkie is used again, so we assume that it was a reference about startrek, if it is wrong feel free to correct us.



XDCC: /MSG Makoto-chan XDCC SEND 16.



If you have difficulties with scenes that involve karaoke, you have two option to work around this issue:

skip the karaoke section,

or you can temporarily disable the subs to still watch the footage.

We are working to correct this is issue but until then we are thankful for your patience.


Okay, a lot of changes went into this release. the quality should be much higher than last week, as we’ve been working pretty hard. I’d like to welcome BimuEriku22, Midgie and Shanai to the staff, Midgie did K-timing for us, and BimuEriku22 supplied karaoke FX and typesetting. Shanai was an editing beast. ¬†Everything is different and hopefully a lot better, as we are dedicated to making our releases as high quality as possible. Ended up not using Calbri for this release, but will be using it in Asobi ni iku yo instead. Sorry for being late, we were a bit tied up. As always, feedback is appreciated and enjoy the release. As a side note, we could still use some help with distro, though we do have a bot avaliable now, the torrent isn’t getting off to the best start with my home connection ūüėõ

/MSG Makoto-chan XDCC SEND 142


DDL is now up.


Asobi ni iku yo! Episode 1!

Posted: July 12, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, Asobi ni iku yo!
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Well, all I can say is this show is a lot different then I had imagined, especially from the trailer. We’re going to enjoy this one, and hope that you all will too. Our quality is definitely a lot higher than the first episode of SYD since now I actually have an idea of what we’re doing. Thank you to those who have given advice, and thank you for sticking with Team Zebraman! Also, we should be quite a bit faster next week, busy as hell this weekend. ūüė¶ As always, any feedback is appreciated. Next week will have karaoke FX, the FX we had were great but weren’t rendering properly and we didn’t want to delay the release any longer, so just basic k-timing this week ūüėõ A big thank you to Trellmor for supplying us with a bot.

/MSG Makoto-chan XDCC SEND 15


DDL is now up!