HRSG Episode 08

Posted: November 21, 2010 by Shanai in Anime, Samurai Girls

So… There are absolutely no raws available for HRSG08 at the moment, so we won’t be having a release until probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry for the delays again, but this time we can’t do anything about it, seeing that we have no capper.

So I was bored and decided to look up “down time” on google… Good to see that the troops have humor.

Not exactly what I want on my downtime though…

Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving break if you guys do that and there will probably be another post sometime soon. At least one for TWGOK once we have a bit more free time to finish everything!


  1. Shijune says:

    While you have time, you should work on TWOGK, please~

  2. Fuji says:

    Can someone seed HRSG Ep.6 =/ Like 8 of us stuck at 8.3%


  3. Shanai says:

    How is it going now Fuji?

  4. Fuji says:

    Still getting 0 Peers 10 Seeds, All which are 8.3% lol

  5. Shanai says:

    Okay. I really need to go to bed, but what I will do is create a version 2 because I was rewatching it and I found some errors and then I will put it on nyaatorrent again and leave it in my queue for seeding. I will also try to upload it on to Megaupload when I do that. That will probably happen a little later tomorrow and I am really sorry about this problem. 😦

    • Fuji says:

      Nvm. I found the problem, Sorry for the trouble, There was 2 versions..
      [TZM]_Hyakka_Ryouran_Samurai_Girls_06_[720p][BA61B481].mkv (Link from site / Busted one)

      [TZM]_Hyakka_Ryouran_Samurai_Girls_06_[720p][B0A93223].mkv (From Nyaa with 20 Seeds)

      -_- Been along day lol.

      • Fuji says:

        Lmao… Man im a moron… Just dont pay attention to any of that…

      • Shanai says:

        Lol it’s all good. But I am still posting a version two. And yeah, sorry for that problem. The link from the site should be the correct one though… I’m kind of confused about that.

  6. Fuji says:

    Lol, I think i downloaded the torrent before you even changed the link.. =/ How far behind i was in my downloads lol. Totaly sliped my mind to even check the post if a new torrent was posted.

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