Currently Team Zebraman is just a group of friends hoping to get some stuff done. We have just started fansubbing, so we might start off a bit rocky, but we hope to improve quickly.

Rizon IRC @ #team-zebraman

  1. Richard Han says:

    Hey Team Zebraman! Where did you guys think of the name? It’s from the theme song you guys adopted I suppose right? When I first heard your of you guys I thought of Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora:p. Good luck Fansubbing you guys! I hope to see some great releases from you guys!

  2. loyaloath says:

    Name was come up with because of a film by the name of Zebraman, it’s a pretty crazy movie from Japan, and we enjoyed the movie a lot, ended up referring to our group of friends as Team Zebraman at times, so adopted the name when we started to fansub 😛 The theme song was in the movie, and overall the movie is pretty entertaining so i’d recommend that people check it out some time.

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