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The World God Only Knows 7

Posted: November 23, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, The World Only God Knows

slowpoke.jpg. TL had a lot of shit to do this week, so it’s late again. At least we are consistently late, right? I will miss Kanon-chan that’s for sure. Those songs are fun and I can’t wait for a CD with all of them on it~

Ghost in the shell, anyone?




Hello Everyone, Midgie here, First time posting something so this is gonna be along post

First up

The World God Only Knows Episode 1 Version 2
Nothing new here just added new lyrics, fixed the missing line, changed head to neck cause poeple complained >.>

Changelog for Ep1v2
*Opening Lyrics fixed
*Fixed Missing Line
*V2 has two subtitles, one that has Kubi TLed as Neck, and one TLed as Head
*File Name Changed

xDelta Patcher (There was a error in the old one, New one updated)
DL Link:

Pre-Patched Ep1v2:
Torrent: Ask Oath

Second up
The World God Only Knows Episode 4 Version 2

Cause Shan-Shan(My nickname for Shanai) edited this ep at 6am he messed up alot of things, anyways Heres a v2 with most stuff fixed

Changelog for Ep4v2
*Timing Errors Fixed
*Proper Opening Lyrics Added
*Spelling Errors Fixed
*Reworded Some lines
*Signs Fixed

xDelta Patcher
DL Link:

Pre-Patched Ep4v2:
Torrent: Ask Oath

Third up in line is
The World God Only Knows PV
Why did I do the PV? Well i was bored for a certain weekend as well with nothing to do, with After Effects CS4 + Photoshop Extended CS4 installed on the computer i decided to try them out together… It worked out pretty okay…But meh, was a good atempt. Also there is one scene with two Translations for the same thing, read number four for more info on that 😀

Photoshop Test Xd

DL Link:
Torrents: Blank(Ask Oath)

And last but not least Number 4
The World God Only Knows Flag.0 Short
This was actually scheduled to be released a few weeks ago but I had computer probles as well as having to study for My school Finals and man they killed me epically…Anyways, Not much really explained in this short, Was part of a much bigger ova which featured a interview with the seiyuus of Katsuragi, Keima and Elcea de…what ever her char name is… Anyways that interview is currently getting TLed so it should be out in a week or two hopefully unless school hurts me more. On a Side note it seems this Anime-Short uses a weird symbol font thingy…Look below for more info…for nows i’m gonna call them Demon Symbols since it suits it pretty well…There are also screenshorts of all the demon symbols I could find a turn into english as well as a Demon Symbols Guide made by me, I’d like to turn it into a font but i have no idea how to…


Translation – NaughtyShrink, Rake

Timing – NaughtyShrink, Midgie

Typesetting – Midgie(gonna get someone else to do this…I suck at picking fonts…)

Also, if your having issues like it skipping every four seconds or something in MPC, You may have to update CCCP.

Anyways, heres the link
DL Link:
Torrent: Blank(Ask Oath)

And heres the Demon Symbols
– Red font represents the same part…used when its was a scrolling scene
– letters in brackets are just guesses for full words

Demon Symbol Chart, 3 letters are missing as they were never used in the Ova/PV

(From the PV)
The Place is a Hell
Hades, The Ministry of Justice Far East Branch

Rate Calcula…(tion)
(R)…ate Calcualtio…(n)
Rate Calculat…(tion)
Rate Calculation
Rate Calcualti…(on)

Al Calculation



Elcea De Rut Ima
I’m pretty sure thats not her name…I have no idea, was hard to read


New Member is Added B
To the Team Ramblin
From Today
Name is Elcea De Rut
A Dispatch Destination
Maijima City
Buddy is a Keima Kat

Please Send Contract


Birdie Disappeare…(nce)
Re-Retreieval Began
Hong Kong Island
There is not reaction
Kowloon Peninsula
There is not reaction
Lantau Island
There is not reaction
New Territories
There is not reaction
There is not reaction

Phew Long Post…
Also if your wondering where the torrents are…i dn’t do torrents, Oath can make one if he deems it necessary enough, Otherwise its just Megaupload for now.


Moe Moe Kyun~ ❤

Pics will come later! Episode 6 is in editing/QC right now but will be ready in a couple hours at most.  A week late on episode 5 😦 Episode 6 in a pretty decent speed in my opinion. a total of like.. 4 hours working on the episode so nice speed today. No longer posting XDCC numbers here since you can find them on trellmor’s packlist which is here


Episode 5 torrent


Episode 6 torrent


Sorry for the delay~ This week will be a little delayed again as well as TL-kun has been destroyed by a combination of concerts and school work~ Not this late though. Also apologies for the considerable lag on Xvid. Also we are aware that our opening is most definitely wrong however we are waiting for official lyrics to fix it, which should be out soon I’d imagine.

720p torrent



480p torrent




The World God Only Knows 03

Posted: October 27, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, The World Only God Knows

Well, while tests have been destroying us, we have managed to finish this episode before the next one airs even if it is just barely. Dud used the picture we had planned for the release post already, but oh well 😛

720p torrent



480p torrent




Delayed on Account of Mid-Terms

Posted: October 26, 2010 by wildcatpilot in Samurai Girls, The World Only God Knows

Samurai Girls 4 and World Only God Knows are a bit delayed.

It appears as though Kuroneko has run off without some TL, but like any good neko he should return with a present.

And lets just say the team has been a little busy.

Until next time,



The World Only God Knows 02

Posted: October 14, 2010 by loyaloath in Anime, The World Only God Knows

expect all of the xvid that we are behind on tomorrow, as I finally have a day I can completely dedicate to not doing school work.

Here is episode 2! Enjoy the episode!

Oh also, we are aware that the opening probably has several wrong things in it, however we are going to wait for the offical lyrics before changing things.

720p torrent


/MSG Makoto-chan XDCC SEND 273

480p torrent