Q: Are you guys recruiting?

A: We wouldn’t be opposed to extra help. We could definitely use more editing, and quality checking, or anything people would like to help on, just drop by #team-zebraman @irc.rizon.net and send a message to Oath, RogueDeity or SuperDUD.

Q: Will you guys sub X?

A: Depends, we are a very small group, so probably not. However, as a new season gets closer we will be open to suggestions, or setting up polls.

Q: Why did you guys drop X?

A: If anything is dropped, it is most likely because it has been licensed.

Q: You guys suck!

A: That’s not a question, but yeah we’re not that great yet we’re new and we’re working on getting better. Hopefully that happens. :O

Q: Why isn’t there Xvid!?

A: We don’t really like it that much, however if there is a reasonable demand for it, we may encode an xvid version.

Q: I’d like to use your script to translate into another language .

A: Go for it, just don’t ask us for help because we don’t know other languages, also you’ll probably have to demux and get the script yourself, since it will not always be provided.

Q: Where can I find you guys?

A: Just pay a visit to #Team-Zebraman on irc.rizon.net!

Q: I can’t see your video/subs what’s wrong?

A: We recommend that you use MPC, which can be gotten along with all of the codecs you’ll need at http://www.cccp-project.net/

If you’re on a mac, I’ve heard that Mplayer is the way to go. VLC is pretty bad so try to avoid it if possible.

  1. NFusion says:

    Uhm hey actually i got a little question…
    We, our (german) sub team called YOROKOBI-Subs wanted to sub “The World Only God Knows” and “Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls” and we want to use your scripts because you guys do a really good work with the subs. So i wanted to ask if you please please please could give us the englisch translation (and if its available the opening and ending too) that we could translate it into german and do some edditing at the end.

    An Answer will oblige
    Thanks in advance

    regards the YOROKOBI-Subs Team

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